Gent's Wash & Cut£15.00
Gent's Dry Cut£13.00
Blend American Crew£15.00
Clipper 1 Grade Wash & Cut£11.50
Clipper 1 Grade Dry Cut £9.50
Clipper 2 Grades Wash & Cut£13.00
Clipper 2 Grades Dry Cut£11.00
Children up to 14 Wash & Cut Monday - Thursday£10.00
Children up to 14 Wash & Cut Friday - Saturday£11.00
Children up to 14 Dry Cut Monday - Thursday£9.00
Children up to 14 Dry Cut Friday - Saturday£10.00
Senior Wash & Cut Monday - Thursday£10.00
Senior Wash & Cut Friday - Saturday£12.00
Senior Dry Cut Monday -Thursday£8.00
Senior Dry Cut Friday - Saturday£10.00
Beard Trim£5.50
Beard Shape Up£8.50
MAX Shave Experience (appointment needed)From £20.00
Baby Cut Monday - Thursday£6.00
Baby Cut Friday - Saturday£7.00
Flat Top£14.00
Girl's Hair Cut£12.50
Ladies Hair Cut£16.50

We accept all major cards